I was trying to make a boot-able in 14.04 for 16.04. But after completing, when I restart the system and try boot from USB it gets stuck and says grub not found.

Is anyone else also found the same problem and how can I resolve it?

  • If you have the option to burn the iso to a cd do it. Sometimes bootable usb making software messes up newer OS's, but a bootable cd will always work. – Andrew Jun 7 '16 at 2:21

The Startup Disk Creator in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is not working to create the bootable USB for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, for what reasons ever...

Try UNetbootin instead, it works flawless on all systems!

Download it from here, insatll it from the Softwarecenter or from the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install unetbootin

The usage of UNetbootin is self-explainable, just give it a try.

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