I had tried to make a bootable USB drive but it's not possible. I tried to do this by using terminal and also I used startup disk creator in Ubuntu but it always says that there is no free space in flash storage.

Could you help me?

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    no free space in flash storage !! you should format ?? – Mohamed Slama Jun 7 '16 at 0:52

Open terminal by pressing ctrl + alt + T Then type

sudo su

It asks for your password. Give it and press enter

Then type df

The screen outputs directory path of all available drives along with their names in the form of /dev/sda, /dev/sdb, /dev/sdc and so on. Try to identify your usb drive number by compaing with the storage capacity of displayed drives. Note down the number and this number is extremely important. Let us assume it is /dev/sdX.

Now type in terminal

umount /dev/sdX1 

mkfs.vfat -L 'your-pendrive-label'  /dev/sdX1

Here replace your-pendrive-label with the label you want to give.


Pendrive cannot be formatted as long as it is ounted, we have to first unmount it.

umount /dev/sdX1

mkfs is apowerful command used to create or format file systems

vfat is an universal file system of pendrive understandable by all operating systems. It is actually fat32

-L argument is given to provide label to the new file system

and /dev/sdX1 is the partition where the file system to be formatted is present

General Syntax of mkfs command is:

mkfs.<filetype> -L <label>  <partition path>
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