I'm trying to get syntax highlighting working while using vim.


gives me: "Small version without GUI".

I installed both "vim-gui-common" and "vim-runtime", but everytime I issue the command

:syntax on

I get e319: sorry, the command is not available in this version

dpkg -l | grep vim

gives me

ii  vim-common                                           2:7.4.488-3ubuntu2                                         armhf        Vi IMproved - Common files

ii  vim-gui-common                                       2:7.4.488-3ubuntu2                                         all          Vi IMproved - Common GUI files

ii  vim-runtime                                          2:7.4.488-3ubuntu2                                         all          Vi IMproved - Runtime files

ii  vim-tiny                                             2:7.4.488-3ubuntu2                                         armhf        Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor - compact version

I'm running in a chroot (ubuntu 15.04 touch armhf) in ubuntu-touch (aquaris m10)

Solved as muru suggested I installed "vim" (instead of "vim-tiny") and now the syntax highlighting works fine


As long as the actual binary is from vim-tiny, that's what you'll get. The feature has to be compiled into the executable of Vim. Install one of vim-nox, vim-gnome, vim-gtk, etc., instead.

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