I find myself moving windows around a bit in my two-monitor setup (oneiric, unity, twinview). Is there an easy way to move a windows from the left to the right monitor. I know I can move applications from one workspace to another using Shift+Alt+Ctrl and Cursor-keys.

It would be handy to quickly (using hot-keys?) move especially the maximized windows around without using the mouse since they appear to stick rather strongly to their original monitor and ripping them off with a mouse sometimes requires a few attempts.

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CCSM answer for 11.04

On Ubuntu 11.04, the compizconfig-settings-manager (CCSM) "Put" plugin can be used to set a shortcut for moving the active window to the next output or monitor in a multiple monitor system. In the Bindings tab of the Put module under Window Management, set Ctrl+Alt+z (or other if this does not work) as the shortcut for "Put to Next Output"

If Compiz sees your setup as a single monitor, use "Put Within Viewport" Left/Right instead (forum thread 1588821)

Warning about CCSM on 11.10

CCSM is broken on Ubuntu 11.10, in part because it uses gconf2 backend, in part because it disables Unity plugin due to keybinding conflicts with its own plugins. As a result, the unity launcher disappears.

To get the launcher back, remove the ~/.config/compiz-1 directory. You can obtain a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+F2, or a Nautilus window with Ctrl+N from the desktop (from where you can run /usr/bin/xterm), or Ctrl+Alt+T to launch Terminal. For ccsm config purge, remove .gconf/apps/compiz-1/ and .gconf/apps/compizconfig-1/ and ~/.compiz-1, and then run unity --reset for unity defaults.

Way forward: Using dconf and dconf-tools it may be possible to configure a shortcut by directly modifying the config tree.

Postscript by @DrSAR: The CCSM steps did not work for the OP (even though others have benefited from it). This might be related to the problem of compiz seeing only one monitor.

PS: Use at your own risk since somehow installing and using compizconfig-settings-manager eventually disabled unity for the OP to the point of a seemingly irretrievable launcher and panel.

  • Thanks for the instructions - I have performed steps 1. - 3. but somehow the shortcut has no effect. Windows stubbornly stay put. Is there a record / log I can inspect to see that I am actually getting the instructions through to compiz?
    – DrSAR
    Nov 14, 2011 at 20:55
  • bummer - after clicking around a bit the system slowed to a crawl and now my dash and launcher have disappeared and I can't get them back. Purging compizconfig-settings-manager and 'unity --reset' and deleting gconf2 setting all don't help. I think I'm going xfce now...
    – DrSAR
    Nov 15, 2011 at 1:05
  • Graham, I will accept this as an answer since I have read that some people have successfully been able to get this to work. But I think I'll put a warning in your answer if you don't mind. Feel free to remove since this has changed your answer in its meaning from what you said.
    – DrSAR
    Nov 15, 2011 at 4:36
  • @DrSAR I had uninstalled ccsm due to my problems in 78237. I've tried it again and indeed the launcher disappeared. Updated answer. To get the launcher back, remove ~/.config/compiz-1
    – Graham
    Nov 15, 2011 at 6:21
  • I just wanted to add that the fix for 11.04 works for 12.04 also.
    – Prarobo
    Nov 27, 2013 at 23:23

Some days ago the best solution was Extra WM Actions Compiz plugin with its Move window to next output. It worked exceptionally well, much better than Put plugin, which often is unusable (btw. for window alignment one can find useful a Grid plugin).

However the option disappeared some time ago. I'm still on 10.04 LTS at my laptop mostly because of this feature lack under 11.10 and its couple predecessors.

I know this is a poor answer, but maybe there is a chance to bring back this feature as it had existed before?

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