I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 and Firefox 46.0.1.

FF (Firefox) was completely closed. Then I opened it and suddenly:

  • Several (about 5) tabs were automatically opened which were related to my addons.
  • The configurations for NoScript addon were reset.
  • The help pages of Firefox/Mozilla website were aligned RTL (my language is also RTL), though I'm used to read it LTR (English).
  • Also, the default homepage of FF was changed to firefox' default homepage (usually happens only after installation - which is a "google site" with firefox theme )

On the one hand it seems normal I guess.. On the other hand I'm not used to this behavior.
How do I tell whether this is legit? (it happened about half an hour ago)

Ubuntu didn't update anything since 2 June.


Those multiple tabs are the Firefox add-ons telling you they've updated themselves, and you can disable that behavior in Firefox. On the menu bar at the top of the Ubuntu screen, go to Tools -> Addons, click on Extensions, then use the Options or Preferences button for each add-on you have installed.

The changed home page is Firefox updating itself. You can reset that to what you want under Edit -> Preferences. (It annoys me that this isn't under Tools -> Options as it is in Windows Firefox, but that's a Firefox issue, not an Ubuntu issue.)

  • It never happened to me that firefox changed its homepage after an upgrade. Why NoScript configurations (Block & Allow sites lists) were reset?
    – Dor
    Jun 6 '16 at 15:23

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