Running Kubuntu with the Plasma desktop, 16.04.

I have my desktop configured to 24-hour time, which is what I vastly prefer.

But when the lock screen comes on, it shows me the detested AM/PM format. This cannot stand. Yet after diligent searching, I am unable to find a solution.

Is this configurable in KDE?


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Mr/Ms user26687 above hit upon the correct answer in his/her comment above, but I can't mark a comment as The One True Answer, so I will summarize the content of the referenced page at kde.org.

As a bonus, that page contains instructions for changing the date format to YYYY-DD-MM, just like God, ISO and Gary Houston intended. Wasn't even asking for that, but got it anyway. Niii-i-i-i-ice.


  1. Go to the directory


Therein you will find a file called InfoPane.qml or in 17.04 Clock.qml. Edit it as root.

  1. Find this line:

    text: Qt.formatTime(timeSource.data["Local"]["DateTime"])

    and change it to

    text: Qt.formatTime(timeSource.data["Local"]["DateTime"], "hh:mm:ss")
  2. For the ISO date change, find this line:

    text: Qt.formatDate(timeSource.data["Local"]["DateTime"], Qt.DefaultLocaleLongDate);

    and change it to

    text: Qt.formatDate(timeSource.data["Local"]["DateTime"], "yyyy-MM-dd");
  3. Save the changes.

  4. That's it! You don't even need to log out/in, much less restart anything. Hit Ctrl+Alt+L to lock your screen and see the change immediately.

  • 1
    in Kubuntu 17.04 the file name is Clock.qml, rather than InfoPane.qml. Still works like a charm!
    – user40171
    Jul 5, 2017 at 18:20
  • 1
    If I understand it correctly, the *...* is to outline the change, but should NOT be included as part of it. I updated the file exactly as shown, and seemed to break it rather badly. (A locked screen with no place to unlock it.) Had to reboot and remove the asterisks. Jul 18, 2018 at 19:34
  • Worked like a charm in Arch. Note I had to change the setting for Breeze theme even though I am using Breeze Dark; I suppose Breeze Dark must source Breeze somewhere along the line.
    – DBear
    Jun 2, 2022 at 15:14
  • Thanks! The only drawback you need to be aware of is that updates can revert the manual changes, as I just had to experience. So it would be better if some permanent, GUI-configurable option were added for this.
    – mara004
    Jul 18, 2022 at 12:26

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