I just installed Ubuntu MATE 16.04, and I've noticed that when I hover my cursor over a window button in the window list at the bottom of the screen, a little preview of the window will appear. I'd like to get rid of that preview, if at all possible.

I've noticed that this preview only appears when I'm using Compiz, but I cannot find any option to disable the preview anywhere in the CompizConfig Settings Manager, MATE Tweak, or the applet settings itself. I'm completely stumped here. How do I get rid of this window preview?

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Yes, it's there in CompizConfig settings manager (Which you'll need to install if you havn't already, using apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager)

It's under "Extras", uncheck "Thumbnail window previews", and that should turn them off:

enter image description here


If the section "Extras" is missing after installing compizconfig-settings-manager, install also compiz-plugins-extra:

sudo apt-get install compiz-plugins-extra

PS: I would have preferred to add this as a comment to the linked answer, but I'm missing the 50+ reputation... ;-)

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