I have a structure like this

  • file_1
  • file_2 ...
  • file_n
  • folder1/
    • sub_file_1
    • sub_file_2

I only want to delete file_1, file_2 and file_n but keep all folders and files in them.


Just run:

rm *

It's that simple. It won't touch the directories unless you add the -R or -r flag:

rm -r *

If you also want to delete empty directories, add the --dir flag:

rm --dir *

rm without the -r, disabling recursive directory removal flag and shell globbing:

rm /path/to/dir/*

Add the -f if you don't want to be prompted.

You can also use find:

find /path/to/dir -maxdepth 1 -type f -exec rm -rf '{}' \;

which works because of a maxdepth of 1, thus selecting only top-level files.

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