I'm working on putting a project into PPA. The project is large and has lots of tests. A couple of tests require that some locales are installed. To get around this I've made a pbuilder hook that locale-gens the required locales. This works like a charm. The tests pass. If I don't do this pbuilder fails because the tests fail.

Since I don't use the override_dh_auto_test target in debian/rules to skip the tests I presume that the launchpad build will fail because the tests will fail without the locales.

Is there a way to install the locales on launchpad builds similar to hooks in pbuilder or should I just override the test target before dputting the packages to launchpad?


You can't use pbuilder-style hooks, no. However, generating locales doesn't require root in principle; it's just the default locale-gen arrangements that write to the system locale directories and therefore require root. You could instead use localedef to generate the locales somewhere under your build directory and point your test process at that using LOCPATH.


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