I have search long enough but can't bump into the answer.

I have ubuntu 16.04 installed for local web development in one machine on a local area network. I have done installing LAMP etc.

I have different websites installed here.

  1. main server name is server1.example.com
  2. test.example.com
  3. foo.example.com

I can access each test website fine from the ubuntu server itself.

My problem is, they all point to the same ip ( which is the server ip addres.. from other machine when i type i always get the main webserver content ie. server1.example.com

My question. How do i access test website 2 and 3 from other machine in the LAN? Like when i want to work with test.example.com what will be the address i typed on the browser??

Is it possible to attain what i'm trying on a Local Area Network?

Thankyou in advance.


On client machine add server1.example.com, test.example.com and foo.example.com to /etc/hosts file: server1.example.com test.example.com foo.example.com

Then check if it works, in terminal issue the following command

ping -c 1 server1.example.com
ping -c 1 test.example.com
ping -c 1 foo.example.com

If names are resolved then check in browser if you can access sites test.example.com and foo.example.com

  • i have done that and as i have said, it all worked from the server (ubuntu machine say PC1) but when i try to access it from other machine in local area network (say PC2) i don't know how to access foo.example.com and test.example.com because typing the address always shows me the server1.example.com content. my host file settings is localhost server1.example.com server1 test.ecample.com foo.example.com – Sena L Chhakchhuak Jun 1 '16 at 17:14
  • Modify hosts files in clients on your LAN, or setup DNS to return for those addresses. Use domain names not numeric IPs. VirtualHosts depend on domain names. – user195607 Jun 1 '16 at 17:21
  • Thanks, But problem is, when i edit hostfiles say 192.1681.100 test.example.com, it points to the same ip which is server1.example.com contents. My question is, how do i point to test.example.com do i have to add something else?? in cpanel we used to do ip/~username. so how do i point to all 3 specific test web on my LAN PC (PC2) – Sena L Chhakchhuak Jun 1 '16 at 17:41
  • Use single IP address followed by multiple domain names separated by spaces in hosts file on client machine. Then use those domain names in your browser. Do not use numerical IPs. – user195607 Jun 1 '16 at 17:57
  • Thanks mate!!! been trying to make this happen for 3 days now :) now you solved my problem. Thank you so much – Sena L Chhakchhuak Jun 1 '16 at 19:41

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