I am running Ubuntu 16.04. I have two Intel Xeon E5-2683 V4 CPUs. Each CPU has 16 cores and 2 threads per core, but the system monitor only shows 58 processors. Why does the system monitor only show 58 processors?


If it makes you feel any better I also get 58 CPUs in system monitor on a 4x24-core system :) But

cat /proc/cpuinfo

Showed 192 CPUs. Then i decided to check perf. So i installed

sudo apt install sysbench

Then i ran

sysbench --test=cpu --cpu-max-prime=200000 --num-threads=200 run

It reported total time: 4.81s

Then i ran

sysbench --test=cpu --cpu-max-prime=200000 --num-threads=100 run

It reported total time: 7.49s

Then i used info from this link to double check utilization/CPU temps: How do I get the CPU temperature?

So it appears that the system does have and use more than 100 cores even though the system monitor shows 58.

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