I have recently upgraded from Ubuntu 15.10 LTS to 16.04 LTS via the upgrade notification i have received.

The laptop boots up and i am shown the login screen with the 3 previously created accounts.

If i log in with the admin account in GUI mode, i am taken to a black screen. I can switch to a terminal and log in with the admin acccount, so the credentials are ok.

If i log in with any of the other 2 accounts i am taken to the normal desktop.

Any ideas as to why this is happening and how do i get the GUI mode back for my admin account?

I am new to ubuntu so i might not be aware of all the commands.

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    Can you log into the admin account with (1) a different desktop environment selected during login or (2) an empty user configuration of the current desktop environment (you can rename ~/.config to ~/.config.bak from the virtual terminal or something similar)? – David Foerster Feb 6 '17 at 19:03
  • @David Forester this almost worked... Had logged in to my Default XSession... But now desktop shows without sidebar 😫 I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS – Robin Hood Mar 13 '18 at 14:54
  • @RobinHood: Could you please open a new question if you have a new or follow-up question? The comment section is not suitable or meant for new questions or extended discussion. You’re welcome to send me a comment with a notification to draw my attention to it. Thanks. – David Foerster Mar 13 '18 at 14:56

I had the exact same problem

I found the solution here: https://seravo.fi/2015/fixing-black-screen-after-login-in-ubuntu-14-04

sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y

Finally run sudo reboot, Ubuntu restarts, and then you can log in again normally.


I had similar problem with Ubuntu 18.4 The problem was that upgrade removed Graphic card driver.

Here I found the solution:

Freeze after login Ubuntu 18.04

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