Is it possible to use terminal commands to switch between keyboard layouts in ibus? I can't see any GUI way to do it in XFCE.

  • @DKBose The default keyboard layout app in XFCE didn't have any option for the keyboard layout I need (phonetic Tamil.) That's why I installed ibus. I have Lubuntu, but I've installed xubuntu-desktop and mostly use that. The only way I've found now is to log out of XFCE, into Lubuntu to switch layout, then back into XFCE. – Revetahw says Reinstate Monica May 30 '16 at 16:57
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    I admit I do not know if it works in your case --- I have ibus installed but I am not sure I'm using it --- can you try setxkbmap -query when you have the correct layout, and setxkbmap -layout XX -variant YYYYYY -option A:B,C:D to switch? obviously substitute XX, YYY etc. with the output that -query gives to you. – Rmano May 30 '16 at 17:14
  • @Rmano setxkbmap -query tells me that the layout is gb, no matter if I have Tamil or US English active. – Revetahw says Reinstate Monica May 30 '16 at 18:01
  • @Rmano please post your comment as an answer, it actually answers the question posed, which is shown in google not the underlying personal problem of the asker. I needed this to define a custom shortcut for Ctrl+2 to set an often needed language instead of always having to choose in the switching menu shown in the switch-shortcut (super+space for me) – mxmlnkn Feb 12 '17 at 15:36
  • @mxmlnkn, done. – Rmano Feb 12 '17 at 17:40

Actually, ibus provides an system tray applet.

  1. Run ibus-setup
  2. On General tab, Check Show icon on system tray
  3. On General tab, confirm you have shortcut
  4. On Advanced tab,Uncheck Use system keyboard layout

ibus applet

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It's more related to xkb than to ibus (but I am not sure I completely understand the intricacy of the keyboard handling, as you can see in this post of mine) but you can detect the current configuration with

[romano:~] % setxkbmap -query
rules:      evdev
model:      pc105
layout:     es,gb
variant:    standard_tlde,
options:    caps:none,compose:caps,terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp

note it down, and then use

setxkbmap -layout es -variant standard_tlde -option caps:none,compose:caps,terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp

that you can associate to a key. It should work in all Ubuntu flavors, at least X11-based (no idea about wayland).

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Use ibus command to set m17n

ibus engine m17n:te:itrans

to set us

ibus engine xkb:us::eng

list engines

ibus list-engine

show available engines

ibus read-config
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  • Unfortunately it resets to the GUI-selected one as soon as you switch terminal (even if you switch back). – OJFord May 16 at 17:08

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