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How do I run .sh files in Terminal?

I need to install a special patch for vmware. To do this, I downloaded the file and it was the file "linux", a text editor, it looks like this:


case "` uname-m `" in
         "$ 0" _64 "$ @"
         "$ 0" _32 "$ @"

But how do I run it?


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To run a shell script you first give it permissions:

chmod u+x nameofthescript

Then you run it. Assuming you're in the directory where the script is:


If it needs to run with root privileges:

sudo ./nameofthescript

Use a terminal and enter sh /path/to/script.sh.

For example, sh ~/Downloads/script.sh if your script is in your downloads folder.


The file you've downloaded is a script file writter un shell ( the first line are the interpreter). So to launch it, you have to open a terminal, like root45 said, terminal can be gnome-terminal or xterm program. The go the directory where you're shell script is saved (command cd), than launch manually your script : sh yourscript.sh

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