System: Ubuntu 14.04, python 2.7.6, pip 1.5.4 from /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages (python 2.7). I am trying to setup my packages by conda because of this table here in my system. I did successfully

sudo -H pip install auxlib
sudo -H pip install conda

I do successfully conda create -n my_root --clone=/usr. I run source activate my_root but I get

bash: activate: No such file or directory

I still run conda install ipython but I get eventually

Error: Missing write permissions in: /usr
# You don't appear to have the necessary permissions to install packages
# into the install area '/usr'.
# However you can clone this environment into your home directory and
# then make changes to it.
# This may be done using the command:
# $ conda create -n my_root --clone=/usr

How can you run conda install ipython?

  • I think you need to create an environment and then activate it so that you don't require sudo privileges to install packages. – edwinksl May 30 '16 at 1:49
  • @edwinksl Yes, you are correct. I create there an environment but fail to activate the environment, which I do not understand. – Léo Léopold Hertz 준영 May 30 '16 at 17:13

You'll need to run at least conda install ipython as root (sudo).

The same likely applies to the other commands.

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