I am new to Linux and to Korganizer 4.13.3. To learn the latter, I am following the tutorial from their web site:


When I click in the agenda view, and enter information about an event, it doesn't save any information, but I get the following message:

You created an incidence in a calender that is currently filtered out. On the left sidebar, enable it in the calender manager to see the incidence.

I am not seeing a calendar manager in my left sidebar, and have no idea how to proceed (I am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and I get this same problem whether I am in Unity or KDE (I am using Kubuntu)).

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With the a window labeled Calendar - Korganizer open click View and then Filter, the last line on the drop-down menu. I have it working with (x) Nofilter selected.

Just in case it's relevant to the 'cure', before I discovered this, I also thought there being no filters present was the problem, and so, added a dummy with no rules. In the drop-down Menu, I selected my dummy entry first, and the entries popped into view on the Calendar. Then I experimented by selecting Nofilter, thinking the entries might disappear, but they remained. Probably the dummy filter was unnecessary, but I have no idea.

As far as I can see, in fact, there is no 'Calendar Manager' in the left-hand panel, unless that refers to a check-box to the left of the calendar icon?? The tool-tip's wording seems somewhat misleading, in the absence of further information being supplied -- from somewhere.

For more information, refer to Chapter 4. Views and Filters.

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  • Seems to be working in Ubuntu 16 for me, on the computer I just built from scratch. Will check later today in the computer in which I was having this issue! – neuronet Jul 9 '16 at 13:51

To the left of your calender is an area that says "search". Try checking "personal calendar", and then you should be able to add "incidents".

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