So, I'm running the most recent ubuntu release. I have tried everything I can find. No matter what I do, I either cannot get past the login screen, or if I do it freezes up. I am nearly to the point of simply giving up and worrying about playing with linux when I get my laptop for school later this year which has no GPU. Unplugging my GPU the system runs fine - it's very frustrating that it's so difficult to get Ubuntu running on a 980.

What I have tried:

  • Downloading the proprietary nvidia driver 361.45.11 from their website and installing it - however I cannot get nouveau to stop despite multiple guides and google searches so the driver won't install.
  • I've tried using ppa's from various forum posts to install drivers with no success
  • I've tried installing nvidia-current
  • I've tried installing nvidia-361
  • Following each of these attempts I also tried adding both nomodeset and nouveau.modeset=0 to the linux line during boot

I'd really like to have ubuntu working without having to uninstall my GPU every time I want to mess around, but I'm beginning to worry that's not going to happen. If anyone has other ideas that I haven't tried or thinks another linux distro would work better, please let me know. All I know right now is I hate nouveau as it doesn't seem to like Nvidia cards.


EDIT If it'll help here are my specs:

  • CPU= i5 6600k
  • RAM= 16gb Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 2300
  • MOBO= ASUS Sabertooth Z170s
  • GPU= EVGA SC GTX 980

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