I few weeks ago I gave a try to Ubuntu 16.04, I installed it alongside Windows with about 20GB of storage.

However, now I'm running out of space, can't get rid of Windows and I'm very new in this.

I have read a lot of posts regarding this same question but for every case there is a different solution. And I don't want to mess things up.

So here is a screenshot of GParted (I installed it)


/dev/sd4 is where windows is installed.

What do I have to do?

What if a create another unallocated partition from windows, how can I add it to the Ubuntu partition?

I'll appreciate your help.


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I'm not that sure but the best way to partition is to run gparted from a DVD-disk or a flash drive running lubuntu (because it's lightweight) or something else that has gparted included or is installable. From there you can run gparted by typing on the commandline sudo gparted. It opens a gparted window and from there you can resize, delete and add partitions without interfering with the program partioning so you can unmount all.

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