I've defragmented my C drive and shrank it to get a free space of 40 GB.

Screenshot of my Disk Manager:


And I've disabled fast book and restarted by PC to boot from USB.When the Ubuntu installation begins, there is no option for installing Ubuntu alongside windows 10. If I choose 'something else' here's what I get:

Ubuntu installation screen-shot:

image image

Can anyone please tell me where to go from here?


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hey there let me help you by looking at your screen shots it means that:

  1. you have 4 partitions 2 with ntfs in which one has windows 10 boot loader
  2. now go ahead with the second screenshot select /dev/sda4 and install (/) of ubuntu on it and in the below you will have

Device for boot loader installation: then select /dev/sda

thats it you are done. next time you boot you will get a menu to dual boot.


okey so your problem is with partition table and no of primary partitions you have. As you may not know that whenever you try to make more than 4 primary partitions using installation it says "system can only support 4 logical partition"if i quote right. Guess what we have here, 5 primary partitions and 1 allocated space.

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