I am trying to remove wine and all of its remnants. When I use dpkg-query -l '*wine*' it tells me I have rc wine-staging-i version 1.9.10 with i386 architecture installed, but when I try to remove it outputs E: Unable to locate package wine-staging-i . I am running ubuntu 14.04 on a samsung chromebook with an intel processor. I'm sure it's obvious, but I'm super new to all of this and have no idea what I'm doing. I just trial and error-ed myself to this point. I apologize for any formatting or phrasing errors.

  • As a new user, you might want to use a package manager with a graphical interface, such as Synaptic (or even Aptitude in a console), rather than the command-line utilities. Other people may have a more direct answer to your question. May 25 '16 at 22:31

Simply type in sudo apt-get remove wine and let it uninstall wine. If there is a package in your machine that is truly installed called wine-staging-i simply type in sudo apt-get remove wine-staging-i and it will remove that package.

If it claims that wine-staging-i is not apparent on your machine... it means it isn't.

You can also use Systemback - A free program for Ubuntu 14.04 that allows you to backup your files, and even restore your system.

Try restoring your system to a point it was before you installed Wine.

Also, type in sudo apt-get remove playonlinux - A lot of users install PlayOnLinux carelessly alongside Wine, so please remove that as well (Optional).

  • I have tried a variety of combinations of apt-get purge/remove combined with everything from 'wine-staging-i' to 'wine...' and it tells me it can't locate it. For other programs like playonlinux, it outputs 0 upgraded, installed,removed, etc. I just want to be sure it's gone because I have to reinstall wine, and I don't want them to interfere with each other. May 25 '16 at 22:48
  • Reinstalling wine will not interfere with anything. Just simply do sudo apt-get install wine and it will reinstall it.
    – Danny
    May 25 '16 at 23:24

I had a similar problem. 1st, Please note that "WINE" is a completely different program from "Wine Staging." In fact they each have their own versions & updates. With that in mind, 1st check to see exactly what WINE you have installed. [from terminal] WINE --version In my case I had: wine-2.21 (Staging)

To REMOVE it: sudo apt-get --purge remove wine-staging

General rule of thumb:
If you see elsewhere (as I've seen) instructions on removing "WINE" or other Linux programs, ju substitute "WINE" or "WINE-staging" depending upon exactly what you have.

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