I have read that Eclipse Neon has now support for hidpi but icons are extremely small when using a hidpi notebook in Ubuntu 16.04.

Is there any command line argument or environment variable that I have to set so it works?


At least in my case (ASUS UX303UB, Eclipse Neon 4.6.0RC1, Ubuntu 16.04), it was possible to get proper icons by adding:


at the end of $ECLIPSE_HOME/eclipse.ini

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  • This indeed helped (with neon.3), but when I needed the scale back at 100% changing the mentioned parameter to 100 didn't help. Nor did adding -Dswt.enable.autoScale=false. Any suggestions? – tlwhitec May 18 '17 at 12:33
  • OK, I figured it out. It was the automatically created ~/.local/share/applications/eclipse.desktop after I pinned the running upscaled eclipse to the Unity launcher. It contained all the eclipse.ini parameters in the Exec= action. Changing this just to eclipse or running eclipse from the command line normally worked. – tlwhitec May 18 '17 at 12:54

worked for me. It apparently used my Gnome Tweak Tool font scaling setting of 1.35 The autoScale options are explained at Tweaking SWT's auto-scaling

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For me the following worked:


Setting GDK_SCALE to 2 alone fixed the icon size but made all text huge. I had to set GDK_DPI_SCALE to 0.5 counter the effect on the font size.

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If you want to create a launcher, use the following in the command editor (adapted from Zoltan):

env GDK_DPI_SCALE=0.4 env GDK_SCALE=2 eclipse

I'm using it on a 4k 15.6' display.

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