I went to the official website but they had this complicated list of steps where I had to manually check a bunch of dependencies and then download a tarball, only to have to follow a further list of steps, etc.

Isn't there any easier way? apt-get?

  1. There is the package links2 in Ubuntu universe repository. To enable universe repository:

    • First way: Open Software & Updates and under Ubuntu Software tab check the box Community-maintained free and open-source software (universe). When you close Software & Updates, click reload to update the cache.
    • Second way: Run in terminal sudo add-apt-repository universe and then sudo apt-get update in order to update software cache.
  2. To install links2 package run in terminal sudo apt-get install links2 (you can also use software center or synaptic package manager).
    In order to use it run links2 command from terminal.

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