When I set Scale for window and title bars to 0.875 in System Settings -> Screen Display, the window title text disappears in all windows. They appear fine at any other scale, but to my eye, 0.875 is the perfect scale, which is annoying...

How can I fix this so the window titles appear?


Window titles also disappear when setting scale to any position except 1 on Ubuntu 16.04 for me.

I use scaling 1.25:


In Unity Tweak Tool, if I set the default font for windows title to Ubuntu 11, text in all window titles disappears.

If i set Ubuntu Regular 11 titles on some windows exist and on some do not exist

I tried to use many fonts and sizes and finally with DejaVu Sans Mono Bold 10 all windows titles show normally


So open a couple of different windows and try to find a font that works for you in Unity Tweak Tool.

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