I'm running 14.04 and I figured out how to edit theme colors recently so I changed some colors in the Ambiance gtk-main.css file.

I have the nautilus bg color set to dark grey and I want the text to be white. My problem is that when text is set to white, it also effects firefox text color which results in me not being able to see what I'm typing there (white text on white backgrounds). The same thing happens when I try to rename a folder or file in nautilus.

How can I keep the text color for labels in nautilus white while having other text (like in firefox and renaming files) stay black? (The line I edited to change text color is @define-color text_color under default color scheme in the gtk file). Thanks.

*EDIT: I just solved this by making the fg color black and keeping the text color white (can be done in the same file).

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Solved. I made the fg color black and kept text white. This still is not a perfect solution in firefox (there are still pages with color issues), but it solves this specific issue.

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