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99% of the time I'm using my trackpoint, but sometimes its nice to use the trackpad. I'm running libinput as my driver, and found out that libinput-gestures should be able to give me multi-touch configurations. I have everything installed but how do i configure libinput-gestures to give me a MacBook like experience.

I would like to atleast enable 1 finger click, 2 finger right click, 2 swipe finger left to go back in the browser, and 4 finger swipe up to show all applications. Any other gesture would be nice too.

If there is another way of doing this, I'm all ears... or all eyes haha

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An excellent blog post that answers your question.


I just finished configuring my system (MacBook Air) using this and Ubuntu Gnome 16.10.

BTW -- this is my first real commitment to Gnome as I normally use ubuntu unity DE... I choose to do this because while Unity has some built-in gestures for the touchpad, I didn't find them as good or as useful as those from the OS X. Gnome appeared to have less conflict with the libinput-gestures.

I have happily got my system set up for vertical 3-finger up/down change desktop, 4-finger up to go to expo, 4-finger down for launchpad/dash, 3-finger left/right for browser and files/nautilus navigation, and 4-finger left for previous app and 4-finger right for alt-tab next app. Had to do a custom configuration.

Finally to really get Gnome to work for me, I had to use several extensions. Most notably: +++ Workspaces to Dock (GREAT extension and probably could use all by itself because it can combine dock and workspaces in one. ++Dash to Dock GnoMenu

Enjoy --- I know this is way late, but you or someone else may find it useful.

  • Which blogpost are you referring to ? – mac Jan 23 '17 at 7:10
  • Sorry I neglected to add... it has been a while but i think it was this one. Regardless... this is where i would go today for info on the utility. devhub.io/repos/bulletmark-libinput-gestures – armc Jan 24 '17 at 16:22

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