I have a script (which is called on keyboard button press) that instantly shows a notification with notify-send and then does some other things.

It works perfectly, except in the following cases it does not show any notifications:

  • when a youtube video is playing (not necessarily in the active tab)
  • when a vimeo video is playing
  • when vlc player is opened

Strangely enough it does show a notification when:

  • the youtube or vimeo video is paused

To clairify: The script is always called, and always produces a result. Only the notification is sometimes displayed and sometimes not displayed. Also in all cases volume and brightness changes are shown without issues.

Ubuntu 16.04, chromium

I have installed the notifyosdconfig from ppa:gsn/grabbelkiste and libnotify-bin from ppa:leolik/leolik

Does somebody have a clue what might be the issue here? Unfortunately I can't find anything on this issue online. Please don't tell me this is some kind of "feature" that i can't turn off! :P

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I found the solution myself:

This indeed seems to be a feature which can be controlled by specifying the urgency level with the option -u --urgency=LEVEL (low,normal,critical).

Using notify-send -u "critical" "notification text" will display the notification even if video is played. Urgency levels "low" and "normal" will not show the notification in the cases described in my original question.

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