I have the following setup:

Physical router

  • Internet interface
  • Port forwarding of IP 1194/udp to virtual machine below

Virtual machine (VM)


  • My laptop can connect and get an IP 10.8.0.x
  • My laptop can ping internal devices

Not successful:

  • Internal devices cannot ping 10.8.0.x
  • They cannot even ping which is the tun0 interface

So routing is working from 10.8.0.x > > > > 192.168.1.x ... but routing is NOT working the opposite direction!

I added a route in my physical router (using DD-WRT v24-sp2):

  • Destination LAN NET:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Gateway:
  • Interface: LAN & WLAN

But routing is still not working to the network. I suspect the issue lies with my Ubuntu server that is running OpenVPN. I suspect the issue is that while the article above gave a step to setup routing from to the internal network, it didn't include a step from the internal network to So maybe I just need to add a rule that facilitates this? I'm thinking in iptables, but I also use UFW; so I don't know how to do that.



I had a similar problem, messed around for hours and hours until I found Pritunl (https://github.com/pritunl/pritunl), it uses OpenVPN but takes care of all the iptables headache that is needed for the routing you want and gives you a nice web GUI to manage clients, etc.

Not the answer you might be looking for, but for me it was a pragmatic solution, balancing the desire to "figure it out" and the desire to just have a working VPN solution ;-)

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