I have a group of photo files that are named with only a sequence number like: Imagexxxx.jpg (xxxx is just a sequence number) what I am trying to search but sadly no results, is to add the date of the file to the filename as the following yyyy-mm-dd-Imagexxxx.jpg.

All what I can find on the net is either replacing certain character or changing the letters case.

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    I have not used them, and can only suggest looking at the various exif tools. That extracts the internal meta-data and then you can use that to format a name for your file, change timestamps or do other edits. In Synaptic you get a variety of exif tools listed. sudo apt-get install synaptic
    – oldfred
    May 21, 2016 at 13:29

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Krename is one possible tool for what you are trying to accomplish.

Install with:

sudo apt-get install krename


  1. Select the files you want to rename
  2. Choose rename input files in the destination path
  3. Enter [creationdate;yyyy-MM-dd]$ in the advanced Filename template.

If creation date (of the file) is not what you want, krename can also use exif data.


I use 'pyRenamer' to rename my photo files. A very friendly GUI software that can abstract EXIF meta-data from image file.


A slight modification of this question's answer will do it. Run this in a terminal in the directory your photos are in, changing [date] as appropriate (no brackets are needed):

for file in *; do mv "$file" "[date]$file"; done

Note that this will prepend whatever you choose for [date] to all files in that directory.

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