I saw in my Ubuntu 14.04 installation that there is a process called wineserver.

Is that a default process/program when you install Ubuntu? I have another machine running the same OS (14.04) and don't have this process running.

PS.: I don't have wine (run win apps) installed in both machines.

  • You answered your own question, "I have another machine running the same O.S 14.04 and dont have this process running." so as you can see wine / wineserver is not installed or running by default. – Panther May 20 '16 at 20:05
  • Yes. But is there possible that when install other program it install wineserver? why is that process there? for what? maybe some one install it manually? how do I know how and when it was installed? – rafaelphp May 20 '16 at 20:10
  • Did you install Wine on the system? – muru May 20 '16 at 21:28
  • No, never. only use it to access others hosts from this machine ip(allowed on remote servers). what this service is doing? any suggestions? – rafaelphp May 20 '16 at 21:52

wineserver is a component of wine. It shouldn't be present in a default clean Ubuntu installation. Someone either manually installed it or it was installed as a dependency of another package.

Please try the following:

  1. Where is wineserver?

    Use which to find out:

    $ which wineserver 

    winserver's full path is /usr/bin/wineserver.

  2. What package "owns" that file?

    Use dpkg -S:

    $ dpkg -S /usr/bin/wineserver
    winehq-devel: /usr/bin/wineserver

    /usr/bin/wineserver is there because it is part of package winehq-devel.

  3. Why is that package installed? (You'll need aptitude for this, or you can also use apt-cache --installed rdepends <package>)

    Run aptitude why:

    $ aptitude why winehq-devel
    i   playonlinux  Depends  wine | wine-development
    i   winehq-devel Provides wine                   

    winehq-devel was manually installed (the line starts with i A for automatically installed packages). It's also a dependency of package playonlinux, so if I uninstall winehq-devel I have to uninstall playonlinux, too.

  4. If you don't need it, remove it.

    sudo apt-get purge winehq-devel
  5. When was it installed?

    dpkg maintains a log in the files /var/log/dpkg.log*

    $ grep "install winehq-devel" /var/log/dpkg.log*
    /var/log/dpkg.log.1:2016-04-04 14:01:31 install winehq-devel:amd64 <none> 1.9.7~ubuntu16.04.1

    Of course, replace winehq-devel with the actual name of the wine package installed in your system. As you can see, winehq-devel was installed on 2016-04-04 14:01:31.

    There's also the apt logs located at /var/log/apt/history.log*. I found this in file /var/log/apt/history.log.1.gz:

    Start-Date: 2016-04-04  14:01:00
    Requested-By: carvalho (1000)
    Install: ..., winehq-devel:amd64 (1.9.7~ubuntu16.04.1), ...

    No surprise, I intentionally installed winehq-devel.

Good luck!

  • Hi, thanks for help. 1.) when I run: '#sudo which wineserver' , it return nothing. 1.1) '#ps -A | grep wine' , show pid number and wineserver 1.2) '#ls - l /usr/bin/ | grep wine' , try find wineserver path like you said and return nothing 1.3) so I run your command but different because I dont have any wineserver on /usr/bin so I run '# dpkg -S wineserver' , and it return my TEAMVIEWER wineserver path '# /opt/teamviewer/tv_bin/wine/wineserver' I think I solve my problem, teamviewer use wineserver or whatever, right? – rafaelphp May 24 '16 at 3:29
  • 1
    @rafaelphp I just found this and this. Yes, Teamviewer runs on Wine. There's nothing wrong with your system. – Eric Carvalho May 24 '16 at 10:08

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