I need to extract (stdout is OK) a rectangle of text from a text file. A rectangle should be the text between lines l1 and l2 and columns c1 and c2.

I can already do this with a head, tail and cut in a nice pipe and am wondering whether there is a tool that can do it "all at once"(tm).

Any idea?


You could use sed, it is very flexible. For instance, to print lines 2 to 5, and 4 columns starting at column 3:

sed -n '2,5 s/^.\{3\}\(.\{1,4\}\).*$/\1/p'
  • -n means do not print the line if no match
  • 2,5 means only for lines 2 to 5
  • s/1/2/p means substitute 1 by 2 and print it
  • ^.\{3\} match at start of line (^) any character exactly 3 times
  • \( \) selects what we will output using \1 in replace part
  • .\{1,4\} select any character once up to 4 occurences
  • .*$ match any character up to the end of line

All together, this will do what you want.

The previous solution is missing lines with less than 4 characters.
A better solution is:

sed -n '2,5 s/^.\{0,3\}\(.\{0,4\}\).*$/\1/p'

This one will put empty line if the line is less than needed characters, by allowing 0 columns before output, and 0 columns in output.

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