I am using locate command.

I want to find all files that end with specific extension and have specific keyword in their name.

For example I want to find image such as this:


I want to search by keyword "Summer" and extension ".jpg".

How would command look like for this task?

locate -b '*Summer*.jpg'

The -b option tells locate to only match the file name and * in the pattern match any number of characters.


Use * in the name part an example would be :

sudo find /etc -name "*.jpg"

At least that works for me (I'm a complete newbe here but i know that will work).

sudo <--> to execute the command as root 

find  <--> the commando for searching

/etc  <--> is the directory where you want to find the archive

-name <--> option flag to detail what you are looking for 

*     <--> everything / anything

.jpg  <--> the extension 

Now the * can be used in the name part as in the extension part but don't do *.* because it will search for every single file containing a . you have in your search path.


The following will search all mounted file systems:

sudo find / -name \*Summer*.jpg -print

If you wanted to search just below the current directory, replace the "/" with a ".".

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