PC Specs

OS : Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 Bit

After reinstalling ubuntu back on my laptop, I installed google-chrome-beta,virtualbox and opera-developer, I decided to remove LibreOffice and `firefox. I typed following commands in terminal to remove these packages :

sudo su

apt-get remove --purge libreoffice*

apt-get clean

apt-get autoremove

Similar commands are given for removing firefox as well.

Terminal gave me a long list of errors and suggested to use sudo apt-get -f install. So I typed that command and it said it need to download 303 MB of archives.I typed 'No'.

Here are the list of archives or errors that terminal generated after executing sudo apt-get -f install : (Onedrive Link)


Please Help

I am really new to linux.

I just use Linux to run virtualbox , launch Windows XP VM and play Road rash or just to browse web using Chrome or opera or to retrieve my data from Windows partition - in case windows couldn't be started.

Thanks in advance

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You can uninstall firefox with these steps

Open a terminal ctrl+alt+t and run following command

sudo apt-get purge firefox

After that Delete .mozilla/firefox/ in your home directory

Also Delete .macromedia/ and .adobe in your home directory, these can contain "Flash Cookies" stored by the browser. The same is true, if applicable, for Silverlight (Moonlight) and other plugins, they can allow websites to store data on your computer.

After that delete /etc/firefox/, this is where your preferences and user-profiles are stored

Also delete /usr/lib/firefox/

Also delete /usr/lib/firefox-addons/

Note :

  • Don't rely on this method if you've got sensitive information to protect! Deleting a file, in most cases, only means deleting a reference to it. The raw data will still be on your hard drive, and the proverbial bond-villain will be able to recover them. I'm only mentioning this in case it's applicable to anybody who reads this. The only way to really get rid of data, is to shred the hard drive to bits.
  • Firefox and Libreoffice - both were not removed. The main issue was not removing these applications , but was to remove the dependencies errors which is stopping me to remove these two applications , and add any new application. May 20, 2016 at 8:18

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