For Wily Werewolf and previous releases, it was pretty straightforward locating the official source repositories for packages in Launchpad, therefore it was easy to create your own branches and propose merges. For example the repos for Banshee and Deluge were lp:ubuntu/wily/banshee and lp:ubuntu/wily/deluge, respectively. The equivalents for Xenial Xerus, however, are conspicuously no where to be found.

The VCS reported by apt-get source <package> now seem to point to upstream Debian sources. For example Banshee's is git://git.debian.org/git/pkg-cli-apps/packages/banshee.git, and indeed this repo does contain a xenial branch, but it doesn't seem to be in sync with the code you get using apt-get source. The one for Deluge is a little more promising and seems to be the correct one.

It seems as though Bazaar is now being abandoned for Git, which I would welcome gladly, but what about integration with Launchpad? What is the procedure now for reporting bugs and contributing code?


Use pull-lp-source from the ubuntu-dev-tools package:

For current development release use

pull-lp-source deluge

for Xenial release

pull-lp-source deluge xenial
  • Thanks. I wasn't aware of this tool. However, this is only slightly better than 'apt-get source', since it makes it easier to download a specific version without having to modify your sources.list. It still doesn't give you the benefit of full VCS history. – J. Williams Nov 23 '16 at 20:08

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