I was trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 in a USB Stick. However, it seems I cannot make any partition in this stick. I have attached an image.
Picture: 'New Partition Table' is disabled

Now I tried to look for other options, like: Can't create partitions on installation, but mke2fs did not do any good or I did not use it properly.

Also, looked into this: Why can't I create a partition table on my USB flash drive using GParted?, but palimpsest is not available.

Any kind of help to create/put a boot loader, root and swap partition on same usb stick would be appreciated.

  • You'll have tried clicking on the second line of /dev/sde (that has a partition type listed)? Did you install the driver that's apparently available – Mark Williams May 17 '16 at 6:24

Apparently gparted couldn't format the drive, neither it could create new partition table. However, deleting the stick in gparted does a successful operation. Then, partition can be made during installation. Pretty spooky.

Nevertheless, the problem is solved this way. ^_^

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