I recently downloaded 16.04 onto a CD, but system will not boot from CD as WUBI is not present in download. Any ideas as to how to correct this?


I read somewhere a while back that it was a choice by the Ubuntu devs. Nothing you can do about it.

From the looks of it, Ubuntu 15.04 is the last ISO that comes with Wubi, but fortunately we'll get a better tool in the future.

Source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/deprecated-wubi-tool-mysteriously-survives-on-ubuntu-images-until-today-489837.shtml#ixzz48sJV6pt7

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    For Ubuntu 16.04 and Higher, Use Wubi by Hakuna Matata To Install Wubi on Windows Laptop/Computers without using a USB Stick. Wubi Hakuna Matata download from the wiki: [github.com/hakuna-m/wubiuefi/wiki] If you want to do other Linux OS, you can use Unetbootin or Rufus – WubiUbuntu980 Unity7 Refugee Sep 6 '16 at 1:39

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