I recently installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
Since, I was facing the suspend bug, I installed a newer kernel as suggested here.

Even although the above mentioned link recommends to install kernel v4.4.8-wily, there seems to be even newer versions available here such as v4.4.9-xenial, v4.4.10-xenial, v4.6-yakkety etc.

My question is what is the maximum version that is compatible with Ubuntu 16.04 (that will not introduce more bugs!) ?

Also, just curious to know what is the significance of the names after the hyphen - : How is v4.4.8-wily compatible with Xenial ?

  • "Wily" refers to Ubuntu 15.10, whereas "Xenial" refers to Ubuntu 16.04. "Yakkety" refers to the currently-in-development Ubuntu 16.10. I'm not sure what the effects of running a 15.10 kernel on a 16.04 system might be... – user533208 May 16 '16 at 20:55

We can't say compatible/or not (for example v4.4.8-wily with Xenial). You can almost run any kernel on any release when when they have same major release (4) and somehow close minor release (4/7). The only difference is that *-xenial kernel releases had passed some QA/Tests prepared for same Xenial release, no more no less.

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This might help: http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/info/kernel-version-map.html

Currently the lastest out of the box ubuntu 16.04 kernels are based on 4.4.8

Ex. 4.4.0-22.39 Ubuntu-4.4.0-22.39 4.4.8

You'd likely best be served by sticking with the kernel that comes with Ubuntu. If the AMD drivers are an issue I've heard others recommend sticking with 14.04

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