I have a client who I had to switch to Ubuntu after another Linux distro stopped working for her. I got her working on Ubuntu 14.04 as her laptop is older. All works fine - except for printing.

She has a Brother MFC-J825DW printer that worked fine with her old Linux (Puppy). But I cannot get the $#@! thing to work with Ubuntu!

I searched for instructions, and followed them (I think) correctly, but it didn't work. Here are the steps I took:

  • With both the computer and printer turned on, I plugged the USB cord from the printer into the computer.

  • When I did the above I did not get an option to select the model of the printer. Instead, I got the option to Enter URL - obviously wrong, as this is a USB connection. The >only< other option I got was Network Printer - also wrong for the same reason. No third option for USB was visible.

I also tried 2 different USB cords - but no change.

I've played a bit with Ubuntu, but could really use some advice from more experienced users.


Some Brother printers require a little more work than most other printers. Brother has been good about providing installation tools that usually work well. I believe this is the page you will need.

You have to run the downloaded tool as sudo. Unfortunately I am not near any of my Ubuntu systems at the moment and cannot tell you what other prompts you may need to answer, but I am sure you will need to enter your printer model.

  • can you update this at all? – Zanna Jul 24 '18 at 18:26

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