Deb files and RPMS are at the end of the day zip files with files inside of them in a particular place. I was debugging one of my applications and wanted to look inside of the click package but it doesn't appear to be a zip. Is it another type of archive type which I can look at or something completely different e.g. a binary format ?


Neither deb or rpm packages are zip files. Instead deb packages are ar archives and rpm packages are compressed cpio archives.

Click packages are deb packages with some additional content. You can read the official specification here.

  • Thanks I had assumed they were zip because the gnome archive manager opened them. Used ar back when I worked with C so should be able to extract the stuff on the command line. I wonder why gnome archive manager doesn't open click packages like it does deb/rpms ... – ShaneQful May 14 '16 at 13:46

If you want to view the content of a click file, rename it as .tar.gz and with Nautilus in your PC you'll can see it. Finally remove the .tar.gz extension.

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