I want to install a virtual machine to run Samba with file server and domain controller. The recommendations I read is, do not run a file server and a domain controller on the same system.

As the file server will have higher load I want to virtualize the domain controller. As the domain controller needs to expose services I need to use a bridge for networking, and I prefer DHCP (with static leases).

As I read about KVM before, I looked into KVM Installation - Ubuntu help. To make it short, it did not work, and when searching for solutions I figured out this is obviously no longer the preferred way and the page is outdated.

I then tried to follow libvirt - Ubuntu help, but I am struggling with connecting to the VM created in order to complete the install - looks like the slave is active, but did not get a network address, and I also was unable to connect to console. Is there a better manual? Other questions and pages point me to VirtualBox, LXD, Ubuntu Core, or Snappy. Where can I find documentation and - for Snappy - images? What´s your preference and why?

I definitely prefer to do this on the most recent releases.


As always or at least really often - there is no general best way.

What i can offer is a small and not complete list

Gnome Boxes and Virtualbox should be installable via apt, while the VMware product isn't.

I am using VMware (older Version 11) myself on Ubuntu 16.04 - but it was a mess to get it working on Xenial.


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