I'm looking for a command line software/script for linux/ubuntu that can help me convert svg or ttf to otf, eot and woff formats. I've tried fontmin,webify, fontforge, eot-utils, sfnt2woff, ttf2woff and other alternative as much as i can, I can't find a good converter. fontmin convert files to ttf otf but doesn't convert to woff and is always broken. fontforge doesn't convert to woff and eot either, sfnt2woff and ttf2woff only convert to woff.

I'm simply trying to make web fonts css after converting process, I've also tried many alternative for it but so far no success at all.

Please let me know if there are batter option to accomplish my requirements. and feel free to edit and correct my question.


You may be able to convert ttf to eot, woff and svg with Ruby:

sudo apt install ruby
gem install convert_font
convert_font convert -i folder/font-file.ttf -f eot,woff,svg

Note that convert_font is not longer developed and outdated (as of today, december 2020, there was no update since 7 years - apparently this fork was updated since then), I hope you'll find a way to make it work with your setup

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