Well I'm on Ubuntu 16.04, but I guess it applies to other versions too, the problem is that my print screen button is just on top of the Backspace button, and sometimes when I want to clear a word, I hit print screen by mistake which is simply because I work with many keyboards and not all of them have keys in a similar place.

The problem is that by pressing and holding print screen button just for a couple of seconds, Ubuntu starts taking tens of pictures continuously and filling the RAM, which I believe leads to halt in the system and wastes some time to recover from it.

  1. I need print screen, don't want to disable it
  2. Don't want to change it to another key so that I have to explain about why print screen is not working
  3. Can we just make it take a single picture instead of thousands?
  4. Can we disable the functionality partially and instead just use the combo version Ctrl + PrtScr?

P.S: It happened once when I was writing this :(


I suspect that your best option is to use your point no. 4 and alter the keys used to take a screenshot. Perhaps not to Ctrl+PrtScr as you have suggested, as in a default installation this is already being used to copy screenshots to the clipboard.

Navigate as follows:

Dash --> System Settings --> Hardware --> Keyboard --> Shortcuts --> Screenshots 

Then click on 'Take a Screenshot' and where it says: 'New Accelerator' type in your new key combination. In the screenshot here you can see that I have used the 'Windows (Super)' key as well as The 'Print Screen' key:

enter image description here

And I suspect that this would be a good choice in your case as well and would fit neatly into your work flow...

  • it's a fair solution and I like it, tanx. But I really wish we could disable continuous capturing behavior ! – azerafati May 12 '16 at 6:31

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