I'm currently using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and I decided it was a good time to update to the latest version. However, if I run

sudo do-release-upgrade

The program starts downloading Wily Werewolf (15.10) packages. How can I force Ubuntu to download Xenial Xerus?

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  • Run do-release-upgrade -d – Pilot6 May 9 '16 at 14:31
  • ~ $ sudo do-release-upgrade -d Checking for a new Ubuntu release Err Upgrade tool signature 404 Not Found [IP: 80] Err Upgrade tool 404 Not Found [IP: 80] Fetched 0 B in 0s (0 B/s) WARNING:root:file 'utopic.tar.gz.gpg' missing Failed to fetch Fetching the upgrade failed. There may be a network problem. – Martín Fixman May 9 '16 at 14:42
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    Does your /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades file end in Prompt=lts? If not, change it and try again. I just did this successfully in a VM. – Organic Marble May 9 '16 at 16:39
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    @MartínFixman Great! How about I post it as an answer then? – Organic Marble May 9 '16 at 17:57

Before doing the sudo do-release-upgrade -d, make sure that your /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades file ends in Prompt=lts. This will enable the upgrade tool to fetch the next LTS release (16.04) instead of just the next release (15.10).

  • Should he backup his data ? – userDepth May 10 '16 at 15:16
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    He should also wear a seatbelt in a motor vehicle. But these are not things he asked about. – Organic Marble May 10 '16 at 17:29
  • Yeah I maybe he has nine lives and should pay for reincarnation services ... Where's be nice now?, when you gotta think. – userDepth May 10 '16 at 17:35
  • Seriously, if you look at the comments on the original question, he already tried it and it worked for him. – Organic Marble May 10 '16 at 17:36
  • Ok I'll delete my answer then. – userDepth May 10 '16 at 19:05

You will be able to have your 14.04 LTS version identified ad upgradable to the 16.04 LTS version when the first 'Point Release' for 16.04.1 is available - currently scheduled for July 21, 2016. Announced release schedule

If your desire is to test your current hardware and software compatibility with Xenial you can make a live session of Xenial for testing. Make a persistent USB instance.

  • So concise, pertinent, correct information is downgraded! – pfeiffep May 9 '16 at 15:55

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