I'm using VLC - 2.2.2 on Ubuntu 16.04. VLC is able to play the videos but I'm unable to take the snapshots using it. I tried disabling "Use Hardware Acceleration" by going in Preferences->Video and changing the output to OpenGL (GLX), OpenGL 2 and XVideo,one by one, the later resulted in a black screen.

When I try to capture a snapshot I get this error:

[00007f9440d10248] avcodec decoder: Using NVIDIA VDPAU Driver Shared Library  361.42  Tue Mar 22 17:29:16 PDT 2016 for hardware decoding.
[00007f946c509148] vdpau_chroma filter error: corrupt VDPAU video surface 0x7f94208e4950
[00007f94300fca08] core video output error: Failed to convert image for snapshot

Is there a way to tell VLC not to use Hardware Acceleration? My intention is to remain with Hardware Acceleration disabled for now.


Answering myself.

The option at Preferences->Video->Use Hardware Acceleration controls how graphics are drawn on screen, not how videos are decoded. The option to disable VDPAU is at Preferences->Input & Codecs. Then look for "Hardware accelerated decoding" and change VDPAU for any of the other options, I'm using X11 VA-API.

And problem solved. I can take snapshots again. I will remain with Hardware decoding disabled until the problem is fixed, probably at the side of the VDPAU driver library (just guessing). No perceptible lag while playing videos so far.

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    Thanks! I think you can still pick your own answer as the resolving answer too. – Mathieu M-Gosselin Oct 24 '16 at 17:18
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    I know, I decided to wait for other answers and then forget about this one. OK, accepting my own answer. – Hatoru Hansou Oct 26 '16 at 0:46

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