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How can I improve overall system performance?

I have a i3 laptop with Ubuntu 11.10(64bit) and the boot last 30-40 seconds.... how can I make it faster? Also my laptop is just 5-6 mounths and my battery last only 2h 2h 20min with jupiter and the brightness at the minimum level can anyone help?


Try out lubuntu, faster boot up time and less CPU intensive, lengthening battery life and shortening boot time. See lubuntu.org for more information.

  • but I really like Unity.... and I think lubuntu is a bit essential but witout any eye-candy.... The battery problem is a kernel problems so I need a program to do that.... Also the boot time is very very slow(35 seconds) it's not possible....
    – Orestis
    Nov 8 '11 at 5:43

Install "powertop" (which you may find in the Ubuntu Software Centre.

It is a command-line utility, which you may find difficult to use, but if you find some tutorials, you could tweak things in your hardware to expend less battery charge.

In my case, I improved from 1:30 hours of charge at common use (surfing the web, mid-brightness), up to 2:20 hours of charge.

Good luck ;)


If you want to extend the battery life, try the recommendations in the following Wiki


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