I'm trying to install Ubuntu in a virtual machine. I click Erase disk and install Ubuntu and click install now.

Then a dialog pops up which reads the following:

Write the changes to disks?

If you continue, the changes listed below will be written to the disk. Otherwise, you will be able to make further changes manually.

The partition tables of the following devices are changed:

SCSI3 (0,0,0,) (sda)

The following partitions are going to be formatted:

partition #1 of SCSI3 (0,0,0) (sda) as ext4

partition #5 of SCSI3 (0,0,0) as swap

I believe that that's just a message confirming that I'm going to erase and delete all my files? But there's nothing to delete on my virtual hard drive, since there's nothing in there, but

This computer currently has no detected operating systems.

Maybe I'll just click continue? I have no idea what I should do, any help is greatly appreciated :)


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If you're installing Ubuntu within a new virtual machine, then it's going to be installed to a virtual disk, and yes, it's perfectly safe to click continue. Enjoy your new virtual Ubuntu installation!


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