I am facing some issues with kubuntu upgrade recently using kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade from my 14.04 version, though installation finished without any error messages; after machine restart it is just a blank screen. I can see kubuntu in the screen centre while booting and will end up in a blank screen. If I press ctrl+alt+f1 it will allow me to login console and I tried few tips like reinstalling plasma-desktop etc but all in vain. I dont think this is an issue with my display drivers, since same version I tried on another partition and is working fine.

Kindly update if anyone come across similar situation.



Maybe it is a problem of X. Have a closer look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log with

sudo less /var/log/Xorg.0.log

and check the content and maybe post it here.

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  • with X system logs can see " 22.385] (II) intel(0): [DRI2] VDPAU driver: i965" where for a fresh installation it was "VDPAU driver: va_gl". Also the below lines were different "[ 22.127] X.Org Video Driver: 15.0 [ 22.127] X.Org XInput driver : 20.0 [ 22.127] X.Org Server Extension : 8.0" where for the fresh installation on new partition it was like "X.Org Video Driver: 20.0 and X.Org XInput driver : 22.1". Please note that this I got from the same machine installing on different partitions. Fresh installation is good, upgrade not. Not sure if this make any sense. Thanks. – syd2 May 9 '16 at 8:24

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