Edit: I have mistaken dropbox for gedit's default backup feature, see below.

As the title says when I create a file in any dropbox synchronized folder it creates an unhidden (no . prefix) duplicate backup file with a ~ after the original name.

For example, if I create a file file1, dropbox creates a backup file1~.

This drives me crazy in editors with tree navigation menus and litters the folders in general. I would be very thankful if someone could suggest a possible solution to this (either how to hide the backup files or get rid of them altogether).


I've used Dropbox for years and never seen this behavior. On the other hand, this is typical behavior for some text editors. If you are creating files with your editor, check its Settings for a switch to turn this behavior off.

  • Thank you, @DaveEmme, for your prompt response and pointing me to the right direction. You were right about the editor; it is the default behavior of gedit if the backup option is checked. Here is a post discussing exactly that. – AAryz May 6 '16 at 18:14

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