I want to work c# WPF. i search the net and find MonoDevelop , I want to know that is there any IDE for WPF in Ubuntu. and is that powerful as Visual studio in windows.


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I think you will not be able to find a IDE for .NET in linux that is as powerful as Visual Studio. I am using MonoDevelop, which is quite decent IDE. I have problems when debugging because watching variable does not always work, but other than that it works as expected.

Regarding WPF, I believe you cannot do it in Linux. You must be aware that Mono, which works great in Linux, is a subset of .NET and will probably never support everything that is available in Windows. I was surprised that so many things work, which I didn't expect too. Take a look here for WPF: http://www.mono-project.com/docs/gui/wpf/.


For Linux you can use Avalonia UI Framework which is not the same thing but similar. Mono has no plan for adopting WPF or UWP. C# do support OpenTK(OpenGL) or Gtk#(GUI) through wrappers. WinForms is supported in Mono.

You may even try WINE given valve/steam tried so hard to bring there games to Linux and instead settled with Proton which is technically WINE for games. That way you only have to maintain a wine-optimized windows binary.


Rider has a XAML preview tool, but you can't edit the properties or animations with it visually, like with Blend for Visual Studio.

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