The following question is very close to this question. When closing the lid of my notebook or going to hybernate and waking up my Ubuntu Mate 16.04 machine, the nm-applet shows, that I am offline.

Different from the linked question above, I am not offline, I am online, but it just shows that I am offline.

Restarting the network-manager service helped sometimes.

Anyways currently this does not seem to have an effect anymore. It is annoying because some applications like evolution appear to share the same source for determining the online status than the nm-applet. That means, that in this state I can not check my e-mails but browse the web.

How can I ensure that after waking up the machine from hibernate the wireless network connection is established well and identified as established?


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I’m not 100% convinced this is a 16.04 issue as this has recently resurfaced for me on 14.04.4. For me sudo nmcli nm sleep false wakes up network manager.

I know I’ve had this problem before as I had a script with the above command, but I can’t remember if I found a solution or it was just fixed somewhere along the way.

  • nm is unknown, when I run the command
    – tokam
    May 23, 2016 at 16:34
  • What version of Ubuntu are you running? This works for me in 14.04. One of the other posts I looked at was Wireless networking not working after resume in Ubuntu 14.04. Someone there was using nmcli r wifi off && nmcli r wifi on in 14.10, but I’ve not idea what ‘r’ is. nm is Network Manager. May 26, 2016 at 8:53
  • Maybe that I am using Ubuntu Mate on Version 16.04 contributes to the issue. Mate Network-Monitor knows that I am online, but nm-applet not. Unfortunately Evolution does not know it either!
    – tokam
    May 29, 2016 at 10:20

I had wicd and Networkmanager installed. Uninstalling wicd, together with implementing the solutions from the above linked question, solved my problem.

It seems as if both wicd and the network managing routines of gnome try to connect to my wifi when I am disconnected. The wicd routines are usually quicker and than the gnome ones do not recognize that I am online, which leads to confusion in other programs, like evolution.

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