I'm new in Ubuntu. I used to work in Android Studio to develop apps.

I tried to install Android Studio, but when I went to their website, all they offered me a .zip file. I unzipped that. But I don't have any idea how to install that.

And I don't know if anyone noticed it or not, but I think, that file for Ubuntu is not full, because the file for Windows is like 1.2 GB, while Ubuntu's file is only 200MB or something... Is that alright?


There's nothing to install. Just unzip the file and go to the ./bin directory of the package and run studio.sh.

A common place for custom programs is the /opt directory.

So you can create a folder under /opt calling it android-studio or anything of your choice. Then run the studio.sh from there.

If you unzip it into /opt/android-studio you'll have a folder in that directory called android-studio. You could actually create a system-wide link to it so that you can run studio.sh from the commandline to start it.

To create a symbolic link perform this command:

$ sudo ln -s /opt/android-studio/android-studio/bin/studio.sh /us/local/bin/studio.sh

Then to run it just type studio.sh from the the terminal.

Details are also included on the sdk download site:

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